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I am a 25 years old straight single woman living in Mansfield, Louisiana

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-im sarah.-im 21 years old.-im single =]-sing it to me on december 8th.-im currently attending highland community college to become a pre-k teacher.-im currently a teachers ****istant at a local preschool && i absolutly love my job!-i am a girly-girl && love to get my hair && nails done && tanning =].-im the biggest smart**** ever.-i love to party.-i don't judge people unless they judge me.-i don't care what you think of me cuz i am what i am && thats something you can never be.-i fall alot && thats how i got my nickname CLUTZ.-my random moments are the funniest.-i hate drama && the people who cause it.-if you mess with my friends i will pop a colla in your azz.-i am a very outgoing && open person.-i love video games...especially guitar hero.-my favorite color is p!nk.-i may forgive but i don't forget.-i hate it when people are mad at me.-i drive a 2005 chevy malibu && its white.-music is my life.-i have a txtn problem so txt me sometime.-if you have anymore questions...just ask.

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